Escape room in L.A.


Guest amount:


Game time: 60 minutes

$ 39/person

(Weekdays Open-7pm)

$ 49/person

(Weekdays 7pm-Close & Weekends)
Difficulty Level:
Zombie | Escape Room | Gallery 01

The history of room 1986

Years ago, Dr. Harvey Hills, obsessed by the sudden death of his father, started to conduct research on ways to communicate with the dead. He invented a serum that, once injected, could serve as a gateway to speak to the other side. Over time, however, the serum started to reveal unfavorable side effects, and would turn his patients into walking corpses. Your task is to find Dr. Hills research and destroy it. Prevent the infection from spreading and protect yourself from the undead before it’s too late! Remember, the history of this room has left no survivors, so be careful. You never know what might be hiding in the shadows….

IMPORTANT: Non-Linear storyline. Team work is a MUST.

NOTE: CALL TIME is 30 minutes before game start time. *If you and your team are more than 5 minutes late from your game call time, you will be considered NO SHOW and no Refund or Re-schedule will be possible.
ADA Accessible game.