Escape room in L.A.



$ 53/person

Guest amount:


Game time: 60 minutes
Difficulty Level:
Zombie Cover

The history of room 1986

The previous guests in this room were experimenting with different kinds of viruses to create Super-Humans.

They were attempting to develop one capable of converting any human into a Slave Working Machine. Unfortunately, instead, the result of their experiments was a method of transforming humans into Zombies. Ever since then, they have been trying to develop an antidote that would reverse the symptoms.
However, they all perished before succeeding. You are here, now, to finish their work.
In one hour’s time, it will be too late! The destiny of humanity is in your hands. Enjoy your stay.  Good Luck!

IMPORTANT: Linear storyline but team work is a MUST.
NOTE: CALL TIME is 30 minutes before game start time. *If you and your team are more than 5 minutes late from your game call time, you will be considered NO SHOW and no Refund or Re-schedule will be possible.
ADA Accessible game.