Guest amount:


Game time: 60 minutes

$ 29/person

(Weekdays Open-7pm)

$ 39/person

(Weekdays 7pm-Close & Weekends)
Difficulty Level:
espionage cover

Welcome to military prison

You are being detained for espionage… you can keep your claims of innocence to yourself because nobody here cares.

You may be thinking about escaping. Well, you’ll have to think and act like a Spy to get out of this room and escape what’s beyond it. But you’ll need to be quick about it…
In just one hour you will be transferred to maximum-security prison and I’ve heard that the other prisoners don’t take kindly to traitors.
Good Luck!

NOTE: CALL TIME is 30 minutes before game start time. *If you and your team are more than 5 minutes late from your game call time, you will be considered NO SHOW and no Refund or Re-schedule will be possible.
ADA Accessible game.