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You had enough of the celebrations? You want to escape Christmas? If you think the same or just similar, we have some ideas for you to escape the festive season. Your December 25th can be like any other day. Stop the consuming, stop the shopping, turn off the TV and make Christmas your way, or the way most Hollywood celebrities escape…

1. Nepal

Maybe snowy mountains are too Christmas-like for someone, who really wants to escape all that’s Christmas, it’s the Himalayas, so you won’t care about Santa. Nepal is a Mecca for climbers and trekkers, but there are many fun stuff to do outdoors as well. You can go white-water rafting, kayaking or mountain biking and we say again, at the Himalayas.

2. Japan

Maybe there are some robotic Santas in Tokyo, but Christmas itself is not a national celebration in Japan. If you visit Kyoto or Nara for example, you won’t see any of it. If you pick Hokkaido, you can also try the best powder snow in the world. And all this grows much with the friendly hospitality of Japanese hosts.

3. Saudi Arabia

Since the last great kingdom lately started to allow visitors, with fairly strict provisos, Saudi Arabia also seems a good escape plan. You can go to the Madain Saleh (‘Saudi Arabia’s Petra’), or visit The Empty Quarter (the largest sea of sand in the world). The country’s Red Sea waters also draws a lot of tourists, which is a scuba diver’s paradise.

4. Iran

Maybe Iran’s political issues makes it hard to visit it in peace, some travelers are brave enough to go through the lines and visit its historic sights and its warm and friendly people. The ancient ruin of Persepolis, or the cultured and sophisticated city of Shiraz are must see points. If you are more into adventure, the Alborz mountains will satisfy you, when you do some skiing or walk the trails round the legendary Castles of the Assassins.

5. Algeria

Algeria has bright history and much of natural beauty. The city of Algiers has to be a first stop, if you choose to escape to this country. You must check the nearby ruins at Djemila, Tipasa and Timgad has to be on the bucket list as well. The holy town of Beni-Isguen and the town of Ouargla, known as ‘the golden key to the desert’ with its unique architecture are also mentionable. Many Hollywood star’s favorite travel spot in these times.

6. Turkey

Even Western cultures broke in to Turkey, celebrations, like Christmas are spreading slower, making it a fine place to escape from the season specials. Istanbul combines traditional architecture with a growing reputation.

7. Democratic People’s Republic of (North) Korea

North Korea take Christmas seriously. I mean they are so unfestive that they are closed to nearly every visitor, except on organized tours. If you still find it attractive, get in one of those tours to celebrate the Day of the Promulgation of the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK on 27th December. It’s worth a mention though as one of the least festive places in the world, 365 days a year. Maybe you can also make an escape from the country in one piece.

8. The Bahamas

If you have more money to spend that you can easily and you’re a desperate anti-Christmas type, you can buy your private island and escape from everything. A roomy bungalow at the Caribbean that would even fit for a Hollywood star can be bought for $25,000,000, Musha Cay in the Bahamas is yours for just $37,500 per day.

10. Thailand

Between November and February, when the humidity drops, Thailand gets safe to visit and makes it an ideal Christmas-escape place. Whether you fancy Phuket, Krabi or somewhere quieter, you’ll have the pick of beachside accommodation from world-class resorts to cheap-as-chips basic dwellings.

11. New Zealand

New Zealand is also a beautiful country to make you feel escaped from Christmas. Southern Hemisphere location, is an ideal destination if you want to follow the way of Hollywood celebs, as it’s so far from everywhere else it’ll probably take you 24 hours to get there. Unless you live in New Zealand. In which case, head to Spain.

12. Retreat

If you feel that Christmas gets your wallet at the presage of bankruptcy, perhaps the place for you is a retreat. By immersing yourself in the spiritually enriching possibilities of an intensive yoga course you’ll not only skip the binging season, you’ll get a head start on the January detox. Or you could try a monastery for silent meditation. Absence of carol singers guaranteed. Most Hollywood celebs act the same way.

13. Go to a party town

It maybe seems contra productive, but another way to escape from the celebrations, but if you head to somewhere, where partying is happening on a daily basis, you can see that the holy night is actually a silent one.

It is known and accepted that December 25 is definitely celebrated in sometimes stereotypically well known, world-class party towns for example New Orleans. But it would be hard to show a city that is slightly more low key than it on this day. The rest of the year can go all the way. New Orleans’ boozy scene takes it considerably easier over Christmas, making it one of the best times to visit.

But there are places in Europe as well. Take Iceland’s capital, Rejkjavik for example, where Nordic appetites for nightlife can even scare the unprepared visitors, it happens very often during Christmas holidays. It makes it a magically peaceful getaway with such beauties like the Northern Lights.

14. Head into the wild

If a huge chunk of civilization is determined to celebrate Christmas, then one obvious escape is to avoid civilization. The last week of December happens to be one of the best times to trek because you can get the Christmas-mood from the landscape, but you don’t have to take all the commercials it comes with. Yeah, it’s colder, but you wanted to escape from Christmas, it has a price.

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